Month: July 2008

New Volume, New Editors

Posted by – July 7, 2008

We’ve just finished creating Volume 18 of Composition Forum, which contains three essays, two program profiles, and four book reviews. In my completely biased opinion, this is one of our best volumes yet.

I’m also thrilled to announce the appointment of Michelle Ballif as Managing Editor and Anis Bawarshi as Programs Editor. Michelle has been with the journal for several years and has graciously agreed to take on more responsibility, while Anis has just begun working with us. Welcome, Anis!

For more information about the contents of this newest volume and about the changes taking place at CF, please visit our From the Editors page. And don’t forget to bookmark our new location:

Thanks for your support!

Starting to redirect

Posted by – July 5, 2008

I’m starting to redirect content from the server to I’ve replaced the all the links on the front page with links to At least for now, issues will live in an “issues” subdirectory. Soon I’ll be creating “soft” redirects from the old issues to the new ones, just noting that we’re in the process of moving. Once we’ve got permanent new URLs (and that depends on software), I’ll make sure-enough redirects.

Lots of automated find and replace today. I’m sure I’ll keep finding little issues to correct here and there…