CFP: Service-learning in the Composition Classroom

Posted by – June 18, 2008

Call for Papers: Service-learning in the Composition Classroom

Submissions are sought for a professional development book for both new and experienced composition teachers that will focus on the role of service-learning in the composition classroom. The book will be part of the Fountainhead Press X Series for Professional Development. Essays are sought that provide practical ideas for using service-learning pedagogy in the classroom; however, stuff the practical application should build on a pedagogical discussion that frames the teaching/learning activities. In other words, prostate do not only tell how, seek but also why.

The specific audience includes

  • New teaching assistants, adjuncts and instructors teaching composition courses, including technical writing
  • Service-learning/Community Literacy personnel
  • Writing Program administrators interested in the creation of professional development courses or programs
  • Writing Center personnel
  • Writing Across the Curriculum personnel

Possible topics include

  • Pedagogical pros and cons of using service-learning in the composition classroom
  • Collaborative models for working with community partners
  • Management of service-learning projects – planning documents, designating roles for community partners/teachers/students, designing legal documents to protect student interests and ownership/use of final products, forming/managing work teams, etc.
  • Designing course schedules with flexibility, utilizing regular class meetings versus engagement time with community partners
  • Models for working with profit/not-for-profit organizations
  • Assessment models/assessment implications/role of community partners in assessment
  • Strategies for gaining administrative/community support for projects
  • Strategies for gearing service-learning approaches to programmatic needs
  • Implications of service-learning related to community literacy
  • The role of technology in service-learning and the learning opportunities presented
  • Implications for the role of teacher in service-learning
  • Strategies for dealing with ethical implications of service-learning engagement/products/expectations/responsibilities
  • Discussions of end products developed through service-learning activities
  • Discussions of student/teacher/programmatic/community partner attitudes about the reasons for service-learning activities

You are strongly encouraged to provide samples of

  • Student writing
  • End products
  • Forms
  • Syllabi
  • Assignment descriptions

Submissions written collaboratively with students/administrators/community partners are especially encouraged. Submissions should be around 5,000 words and should follow MLA style. Please refer to for series style guide. Submit essays in digital form (Word/rtf) by October 1, 2008 to