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Composition Forum: Volume 44: Summer 2020

Special issue: Promoting Social Justice for Multilingual Writers on College Campuses
Guest editors: Norah Fahim, Jennifer Johnson, Eunjeong Lee, and Brooke Schreiber

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Greg Giberson, Jody Shipka, Jennifer Johnson, Eunjeong Lee, Brooke Schreiber, and Norah Fahim


Building Support through Kairotic Moments: A Conversation with Gail Shuck
Emily Simnitt


Critical Translation and Paratextuality: Translingual and Anti-Racist Pedagogical Possibilities for Multilingual Writers
Nancy Bou Ayash

Confronting Internalized Language Ideologies in the Writing Classroom: Three Pedagogical Examples
Jennifer Slinkard and Jeroen Gevers

Working Toward Social Justice through Multilingualism, Multimodality, and Accessibility in Writing Classrooms
Laura Gonzales and Janine Butler

Embracing the Perpetual ‘But’ in Raciolinguistic Justice Work: When Idealism Meets Practice
Nicole Gonzales Howell, Kate Navickas, Rachael Shapiro, Shawna Shapiro, and Missy Watson

Changing Conditions for Multilingual Writers: Writing Centers Destabilizing Standard Language Ideology
Sarah Blazer and Brian Fallon

Addressing Erasure: Networking Language Justice Advocacy for Multilingual Students in the Rustbelt
Barbara George and Ana Marie Wetzl

Program Profiles

Developing an Antiracist, Decolonial Program to Serve Students in a Socially Just Manner: Program Profile of the FYC Program at Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Lizbett Tinoco, Sonya Barrera Eddy, and Scott Gage

Creando RaĆ­ces: Sustaining Multilingual Students’ Ways of Knowing at the Developing HSI
Lisa Tremain, Jessica Citti, Natalie Giannini, Libbi R. Miller, Nancy Pérez, and Corrina Wells

Promoting Linguistic Equity through Translingual, Transcultural, and Transmodal Pedagogies
Julia Kiernan, Joyce Meier, and Xiqiao Wang

Super-Diversity as a Framework to Promote Justice: Designing Program Assessment for Multilingual Writing Outcomes
Mya Poe and Qianqian Zhang-Wu


Pivoting Assessment: Away from Isolation, Toward Opportunity Structures
Holly Shelton

Previous issue: Vol 43, Spring 2020.