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Composition Forum: Volume 26: Fall 2012

Abstract representation of writing transfer Special Issue: Writing and Transfer
Guest Editor: Elizabeth Wardle

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Michelle Ballif, and Elizabeth Wardle


Creative Repurposing for Expansive Learning: Considering “Problem-Exploring” and “Answer-Getting” Dispositions in Individuals and Fields
Elizabeth Wardle


The Question of Transfer
Kara Taczak


Mapping the Questions: The State of Writing-Related Transfer Research
Jessie Moore

Selecting Genres for Transfer: The Role of Uptake in Students’ Antecedent Genre Knowledge
Angela Rounsaville

Notes Toward a Theory of Prior Knowledge and its Role in College Composers’ Transfer of Knowledge and Practice
Liane Robertson, Kara Taczak, and Kathleen Blake Yancey

Beyond Knowledge and Skills: Writing Transfer and the Role of Student Dispositions in and beyond the Writing Classroom
Dana Lynn Driscoll and Jennifer Holcomb Marie Wells

The Value of Troublesome Knowledge: Transfer and Threshold Concepts in Writing and History
Linda Adler-Kassner, John Majewski, and Damian Koshnick


College Writing and Beyond: Five Years Later
Anne Beaufort

Program Profiles

Integrating Communication into Engineering Curricula: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Facilitating Transfer at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Julie Dyke Ford

Imagining a Writing and Rhetoric Program Based on Principles of Knowledge “Transfer”: Dartmouth’s Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
Stephanie Boone, Sara Biggs Chaney, Josh Compton, Christiane Donahue, and Karen Gocsik


Nowacek, Rebecca S. Agents of Integration: Understanding Transfer as a Rhetorical Act. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 2011. 192 pp.
Laura Martinez

Previous issue: Vol 25, Spring 2012.