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Composition Forum: Volume 31: Spring 2015

Special Issue: Rhetorical Genre Studies
Guest Editor: Dylan B. Dryer

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Mary Jo Reiff, and Dylan B. Dryer


“The Fact That I Could Write About It Made Me Think It Was Real”: An Interview with Carolyn R. Miller
Dylan B. Dryer


Crossing the Boulevard: The Action of Genre as Social Action
Amy J. Devitt

Genre as Social Action: A Gaze into Phenomenology
David R. Russell

Echoes of a Reading: Genre as Social Action as Formative Influence on Genres and Ideology
Catherine F. Schryer


Metagenre on the WPA-L: Transitional Threads as Nexus for Micro/Macro-level Discourse on the Dissertation
Kate Pantelides

Settling In to Genre: The Social Action of Emotion in Shaping Genres
Faith Kurtyka

Hearing Silence: Toward a Mixed-Method Approach for Studying Genres’ Exclusionary Potential
Chalice Randazzo

Linguistic Attention in Rhetorical Genre Studies and First Year Writing
Laura Aull

Multimodality, Translingualism, and Rhetorical Genre Studies
Laura Gonzales

Inventing Metagenres: How Four College Seniors Connect Writing Across Domains
Heather Lindenman

Capturing Individual Uptake: Toward a Disruptive Research Methodology
Heather Bastian

Program Profiles

The Development of Disciplinary Expertise: An EAP and RGS-informed Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Genre at George Mason University
Anna S. Habib, Jennifer Haan, and Karyn Mallett

Applying Rhetorical Genre Studies to a Stand-Alone Online Professional Writing Course
Heather Brook Adams and Patricia Jenkins

Unblocking Occluded Genres in Graduate Writing: Thesis and Dissertation Support Services at North Carolina State University
Meagan Kittle Autry and Michael Carter


Review of Laura Wilder’s Rhetorical Strategies and Genre Conventions in Literary Studies
Mya Poe

Review of Mary Soliday’s Everyday Genres: Writing Assignments Across the Disciplines
Rebecca S. Nowacek

Previous issue: Vol 30, Fall 2014.