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Website editor position

Posted by – February 27, 2012

Composition Forum, a open access journal of pedagogical theory in rhetoric and composition, is seeking a website editor. The website editor works with other editors to prepare articles for web presentation, using both a lightweight custom content management system and Open Journal Systems.

Ideal candidates will have experience in standards-compliant web design and development, including knowledge of php, WordPress, Open Journal Systems, and Delicious. Candidates should present a vision for continuing to maintain the high quality of the Composition Forum web site while adding new functionality, digitizing the journal’s back catalog, or otherwise enhancing the journal’s site. Institutional support is not required, but is a plus. Small teams (up to two people) are welcome to apply.

To apply for the position, send a letter of application to editor Christian Weisser, <weisser@psu.edu>. Specific questions about the position can be sent to the current editor, Bradley Dilger <cb-dilger@wiu.edu>. Applications are due April 15, 2012. May 1, 2012.

Learn more about Composition Forum at http://compositionforum.com/

Starting to redirect

Posted by – July 5, 2008

I’m starting to redirect content from the FAU.edu server to Compositionforum.com. I’ve replaced the all the links on the FAU.edu front page with links to Compostionforum.com. At least for now, issues will live in an “issues” subdirectory. Soon I’ll be creating “soft” redirects from the old issues to the new ones, just noting that we’re in the process of moving. Once we’ve got permanent new URLs (and that depends on software), I’ll make sure-enough redirects.

Lots of automated find and replace today. I’m sure I’ll keep finding little issues to correct here and there…